Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

A weekend at the cabin with friends is what the Dr. ordered. 
It may not have been totally relaxing, but it was tons of fun!
 Bella braves holding her first crayfish.
 The boys look for salamanders, build bridges, and explore.
 Our mountain biking gurus.
 Travis teaches the kids how to chop wood.
Issac takes a turn.  All the kids actually loved this!
 A trip to the cabin isn't complete without Hyner View and hang and para gliders.
 Bella was super brave this time and instead of freaking out about a snack used the ax to chop it!
 Along the spring bed they spent a lot of time.
 Baby Owen had tons of fun too!
 Issac named his pet salamander - Sally.
 The kids explored almost nonstop.
 The boys return from man stuff.
 Riding his first mountain bike.
 Balancing on Daddy's hand.
 Catching small toads.
 Showing dad the fairy houses and their work.
 Clay pigeon shooting.
 The kids practice target shooting.
 Kody becomes a pro.
 I even find time to fire off a couple rounds.
 Wyatt breaks in his new hunting rifle with the first shot, they sight it in, too.
Wyatt continues to perfect his hunting skills.

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Adams said...

I think it is interesting that in one country we call crawdads, crayfish, mudbugs, (I'm sure there are more names. These are just the ones I've heard with all our moving.) all different things. It will always be crawdads to me though, growing up in Oklahoma.