Monday, November 25, 2013

Hero Wax Museum

Sometimes I think our school district is the coolest.  I realize I'm partial, but those are the shakes.  Something that they do in 6th grade, that I love, are hero reports.  Each student has to pick a hero and then write about what made that person a hero.  The conclusion of their report comes when they do a Wax Museum themed final presentation.  Each student dresses up as their hero and holds totally still, unless someone pushes their button, where upon they say their 20 second blip about why they were a hero.  Bella chose Joseph Smith.  Man this girl makes me proud to be her mama.  Some other kids had interesting ideas about heroes as I walked around and saw Kate Middleton (below), Bob Marley, Katy Perry and a couple other famous people, but not so much heroes.  Regardless it was tons of fun to see.


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Whitney said...

Your family consistently amazes me!