Monday, November 18, 2013

Addendum: It's A Sickness

Once you spend all that time running, working out, your kids will wonder what the appeal is.  They'll ask to join you on your runs.  Sometimes they will bike or scooter along to keep up, sometimes you will slow down to run with them.  They may be asking just because you spend large amounts of time doing it and they miss seeing you or they may actually be curious about the running itself. 

But eventually, they catch the bug too.  It may not be as severe yet, but next thing you know they will be asking you which races are coming up.  They may hear about a youth triathlon and you may be signing them up before you know it. 

When this happens, you will hope you have set up a love for a lifetime so that they will never know what it was like before loving it.  You will hope they continue to take care of their bodies, to develop their own discipline and to conquer their own fears head on, both on the trail and in real life.


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