Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm An Unfit Mother

It's no joke.  So it has just occurred to me that more than two months after my son's birthday I have not posted about him, his party or his life.  See crazy, unfit mother.  But I did take lots of pictures, throw him a party, and celebrate with him.  So I guess I can just be a negligent, sometimes very belated and uncool mamma. 

Where to begin...Kody is my boy of total juxtaposition.  Since he was a baby, I have secretly referred to him (mainly to Travis behind closed doors when I was wondering if I screwed him up) our bi-polar baby.  He runs hot, he runs cold, but rarely in between.  Now I know that is a serious condition and I'm pretty sure he's not actually bipolar, but he does carry my family's genetic tendency to experience things fairly deeply.  And after the first two kids' mellow dispositions and Issac's more intense, but mostly happy disposition, I felt a little nervous.

But guess what...he's now 6 years old.  And he's a whole lot more stable.  Teachers both in school and church comment on how kind he is, nice and considerate, super helpful, etc...  I'm a little surprised not because they have seen these things because I have seen them too, but that they haven't seen his other side that I inquire about.  Because guess what...I've seen plenty of that one too.

Regardless, Kodster can be the most sensitive, compassionate, loving little boy you have ever seen.  He will do anything to help someone who is crying feel better.  He will make any sacrifice of his own stuff:  food, toys, or turns to someone else if they feel left out, treated unfairly or abused.  He is my cuddle bug and nibbler.  He loves attaching my face with fish nibbles and trying to tickle me. 

Despite being the youngest, he has an old soul and a penchant for quick thinking.  He's clever and funny.  He's quick to help and even quicker to hide if he thinks it might get him out of something to not be seen.   He's really good with trivia and loves to help cook meals, treats and anything in between.  He has a sweet tooth the size of Texas and likes to snack all day long.

He loves to play practical jokes, say things to get a rise out of people or plan pranks and then watch with a mischievous smile.  He may not be perfect, but he is darn near close and perfect for our family.  I can't imagine a day without this boy in my life.  He makes me smile daily.

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