Monday, February 18, 2013

You Don't Know Me

Here are some gems that might surprise you.

Did you know:
  • I charge my kids a dollar each time they leave a room empty with the light left on
  • When I was younger I wanted to be a russian speaking spy, but am the most easily startled person ever
  • Sometimes if you startle me, I cry.  I don't know why, I just do okay
  • I take the lazy way out of birthday candles on cakes (no way I'm putting more than 10 on there) i.e. 36 becomes two groupings, one of three, the other of six or something like it
  • I built two Pinewood Derby cars this year.  I thought they would be awesome for no other reason than I am usually naturally good at the things I try
  • PS - they were awful and lost practically every race
  • Sometimes I think I should have been an elementary education teacher and then I come to my senses
  • I make lists of everything, all the time
  • I have never hated a person, for more than a moment anyway
  • I really am glad I can play the piano even though I still resent the lessons
  • I love color but am deathly afraid of using it when decorating
  • My bedroom closet is color coded into sections with matching color cordinating hangers all spaced evenly apart, but the clothes on the shelves above are a hot, jumbled mess
  • I climb on my counters daily, because I am too short
  • I almost constantly have music playing in the background
  • I believe everyone should have an anthem/mantra at any given time
  • Sometimes I feel guilty that having Travis gone hasn't been as hard as everyone else seems to think it should be
  • I have some of the most erratic sleep behaviors of anyone I know
  • I talk on the phone, text, and read (both emails and books) while I drive.  It's awful I know.
  • I am really intolerant of my kids being picky at dinner time.  I will make them eat whatever I have made.  And don't think about spitting it back out, because I may just make you eat it again.
I'm not really sure anyone has learned anything of importance here, but just thought I would preserve this record of the inane for the future.

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