Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lucky Number 13

Many of you assume this post will be about love or Valentine's Day. 
Well you are right. 
I mean when you are happily married to the man of your dreams
you can't help be reminded of that love
in every song on the radio,
every beautiful scene in nature,
 with every older couple hobbling down the street hand in hand,
and with every miracle that this life provides.
And so it is that I want to wish my very own special someone
"hApPY AnNiVErsArY"
Yeah, you heard right.
13 years ago today my hubster proposed to me
in the softly falling snow, at Midnight
both of us dressed in head to toe camouflage,
illegally parked directly in front of the most beautiful building on campus.
It might not be everyone's dream of romance
but it's our very own version of true love.
Him taking me and me taking him,
pairing up for life, yoking ourselves together,
sharing our mutual loves (the snow, the building)
and compromising on our differences (the camo).
I'm glad we've made it to thirteen years.
It feels so grown up, so adult like.
But the great thing is I still feel like a child,
full of wonder and merriment,
unexplained happiness and joy,
always wanting to play.
And that's because of you babe.
I need you in my life.
It's just better that way.
I'm forever young, carefree, and beautiful in your presence.
I'm who I was meant to be but more refined.
And as for the day we hit 70 years,
because it's a very real possibility,
I'm ecstatic. Because I know ours,
it's a love story to last the ages.
It will be great.
And for my children who are a product
of love, more extraordinary than I could have fathomed 14 years ago,
this love extends to you too.
Sure it's different: it's purer, less selfish, and more devoted,
but it's just as intense.
I'm only a good mom because your perfection inspires it.

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Alisa said...

Very sweet...and I love the picture! Makes me smile :)