Sunday, January 13, 2013

You Know What I Hate...

There are a few things that worry me...and one is when people say, "You remind me of ....."  This rarely ends well for me.  I'm not sure if this is a universal thing for people or just me.  Back when I was first married, I visited with a girl from church and every time I went she would tell me how much I looked like and reminded her of her sister.  Eventually I asked if she had a picture of her sister I could see.  She ran and dug one and out and brought it to me.  Needless to say her sister was not particularly attractive and somewhat overweight.  Now these were the days before I was a chubbo and although I don't think I am a great beauty or anything, I like to think that I am just slightly above average.  But it wasn't like I could say your sister is fat and ugly how do I look like her.  So I just ignored it.

In the many years since, people have uttered those same words and it always flashes me back to this time and I feel physically nervous.  My hands get sweaty, my stomach drops and I wait with baited breath to hear the comparison they are going to make.  Since then sometimes they have been good.  Once I was in Lowe's while two guys working there debated on whether I looked more like Holly Marie Combs or Alyssa Milano.  I deduced they were fans of the show "Charmed".  What concerned me there was not the comparison, because they are both attractive, but that those boys were both very familiar with the series.

Last night I was out with a friend though celebrating her birthday.  It was an eclectic mix of us, with lots of people who I had not previously known.  As we were listening to the live band, we are shouting in one another's ears to be heard over the music and I hear "She looks just like..."  I look up, knowing this is going to be about me, and shout "I hate when people say that.  I don't want to even know.  It always deflates my ego."  The guys were like no this girl is cute.  It's Sarah Silverman.  At first the name sounded familiar but there was no instant face that came to my mind.  They reminded me that she was a comedian.  I googled her with the technology of smart phones and once again, was disappointed.

I mean it's not as if she offensive looking, but maybe all these years I really have had an overinflated self esteem.  It doesn't help that my hubby is good to me and tells me I look like Katniss in Hunger Games.  A comparison I'll much more gracefully handle because although I don't necessarily see it she is very pretty.  So here's my opinion on the matter.  If you must compare me to someone please use someone who is more attractive than I am by a considerable amount so as not to bruise my ego.
On another note: eventually I found this picture of Sarah Silverman and if this is what they have in mind when they think of her than that is fine.  I will happily accept this one.

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