Monday, January 21, 2013

And on a related note...

Couple days ago the post had to do with my looks likewise today will too.  Sorry.  Lately for Women's Club of Manheim my picture has been in the local newspaper a lot.  The time difference between the interviews and pics are significantly earlier than when they publish, usually a couple weeks.  I may have a general sense of when the picture will come out, but not much.  So usually a friend will text, facebook, etc...  Bella will then run and fetch the paper for me so I can check it out.  She willingly offers her commentary on the quality of the shot.  The most common phrase I have been hearing in regards to these pictures are, "I didn't even realize it was you." 

After a couple of times enquiring further, it has come to my attention that people aren't accostumed to my fake, polite PR smile.  They are more used to my spastic, on the verge of looking like I may have some kind of developmental delay smile.

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