Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy - 3 days

So Hurricane Sandy has come and gone  School was cancelled for the past two days even before the rain begun.  Shocking yes.  But each day I feel a little more like I am living Atlas Shrugged - if you haven't read the book READ IT.  Surrounded by people who live in a world of emotion instead of logic, and whose actions are dictated by the avoidance of accountability. 

Am I happy to have my kids home.  Yes, love these guys and miss them now that they are all in school.  So what have we been filling our time with...DAY 1 we...
  • went to church where they cancelled trunk or treat
  • made homemade bread
  • ate a very late dinner
  • planned to stay up late
  • got haircuts
  • had a dance party
  • made smoothies
  • watched movies
  • played in the dark hide and go seek
  • and reclaimed the flashlights from the kids (wouldn't want them wearing out the batteries in case we need them)
And some people have accused me of not taking this Hurricane seriously, for shame!  DAY 2 we...
  • slept in late
  • ordered a trial month of Netflix
  • ran errands including picked up our generator
  • drove around to examine why we weren't in school (no founded evidence)
  • had tickle wars and constant dog piles
  • made homemade french onion soup
  • ate even later
  • read over 5 chapter books among Wyatt, Bella, and me
  • read over 6 books between Kody and Issac
  • handled about a dozen calls to check how we were
  • parent naps, no naps for kids
  • watched late night movie
DAY 3 we....
  • slept in even later
  • worked on the basement
  • took no naps
  • played tons of games
  • drove around again checking for damage (no major damage found)
  • made Halloween cookies
  • rearranged calendar for rest of week
  • prepped for school again
  • worked on WCM stuff and Room mom stuff
  • put kids to bed early
  • parents watched another movie
The moral of the story - fear mongering works, if you are prepared you shall not fear, and sometimes cancelling school days before a storm hits really is a dumb idea because it is much harder to uncancel when no hurricane like weather actually comes than to cancel it when it does.  Note to decision makers within schools - parents who are uncomfortable with sending their kids in stormy weather actually do have the option to keep them at home.  It's crazy how parents are the first and last say on this and can be responsible for making decisions that are best for their family.

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Alisa said...

You were very blessed to be so safe during this. I'm really glad to read that :)