Sunday, October 28, 2012

He Knows He's Loved

Wyatt had a bit of a freak out tonight.  As a result he was spanked.  Something I haven't had to do in ages, thankfully.  The thing with Wyatt is that he tends to be mellow 99% of the time.  But that other 1% he goes from totally normal to raving lunatic rather quickly.  Anyway he was sent to bed eventually before everyone else and feeling quite bad.  I hate disciplining my kids and I worry that he knows I love him even if he is acting a bit wonky in the head.  So I saddle up into his top bunk to have a little tete a tete.  At first he stiff arms my attempts at reconciliation.  But he acquiesces to wanting to hear a story about when he was a baby.  A bolt of revelation hits me and I do him one better.  I run down to my book shelf and claim the journal that covers the years of his conception, birth and ensuing two years.  I lay with him and read him stories of when we found out we were pregnant with him, finding out his gender, picking his name, his actual birth, my sleepless nights, his first major sickness, his early interactions with Bella, and numerous stories of how our life was changed and our home was and is filled with more love because of his birth and presence in our life.  He ended up feeling happier and more loved than ever.  And I can't help but be grateful for the revelation given by a loving Heavenly Father.  "My daily journal, kept over all these years, has helped provide some specifics which I most likely would not otherwise be able to recount" and so I am thankful for 3 Nephi 23:13. 

What I found I most loved were the small bits of seemingly innocuous updates on each of the family members.  And so today's post will pay homage to that format:

Travis: is doing good.  He is constantly shuttling back and forth between Pennsylvania and Wyoming where he opened his own company drilling Uranium.  He is the most devoted husband and father constantly aware of the needs of the kids and I despite the 2000+ miles and 2 hour time difference.  He participates actively within our church whether here or there and works his brains out.  I feel more grateful and appreciative of him with every passing day.  And although I'm not such a fan of the saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"  there is some truth to it, because all of the annoying traits of daily living are easily forgotten at the happy reunion of the two people most in love.

Me:  I hate writing and talking about myself.  Mainly because I worry that the way I see myself is not how others see me, and I come off as self delusional.  But here goes.  I am doing good single parenting four kids most of the time.  Some days I look haggard and tired due to the increased demands on my time and energy but mainly I am more than ever in love with my hubby and kids.  This year with all four kids in school I am still crazy busy with PTO, Women's Club of Manheim, and church but I am often fitting in lunch with friends too and social visits which are awesome.  Life is good.

Isabella:  Bella is growing so big (not only physically - ahh I can't even think about the boobs that are starting to grow on that girl but also emotionally) and it freaks me out.  She is loving middle school and a lot of the freedoms she is gaining there, namely more choices with lunch, lockers, picking seats and social networking.  She attended her first after school activity - Fall Fest, where she admitted to hoping I wouldn't be a chaperone.  That was a shocking and slightly funny first.  She is doing great academically and spiritually and overall fun to have in our house.  She is super silly and nothing is funnier than watching her get in a hysterical tizzy which includes snorting and almost hyperventilating from laughing so hard.  Love this girl.

Wyatt:  Wyatt is this little man frustratingly waiting for his body to catch up to his mind.  He has taken notice of his growing muscles and loves to flex them given an opportunity.  He sleeps shirtless and is sometimes too big or cool for the younger boys, but mainly the best big brother in the world including them in his playing with his friends.  He is brilliant in school and great at getting along with everyone.  He can be frantic in his attention at times becoming so focused on something that all else will disappear around him.  Each week that something is different.  This weekend he read four books in three days.  He is my little softy and still loves to cuddle on the couch to watch movies or sleep in my bed when dad is gone as a reward.  I could not love this kid more.

Issac:  This boy is so funny.  He is a ball of energy and enthusiasm and without trying to be funny makes everyone laugh and smile because his natural personality is filled with such happiness that you can't help but smile and laugh when you are with him.  He loves anything boy oriented including the opposite sex already.  He touts a "lady friend" almost weekly based on who chases him around the most at school.  He loves to play and often has the dirtiest and most hole filled clothing at the end of any given day.  He has become too cool for my kisses and avoids them at the bus stop in the mornings.  But after chasing him down one day and giving him a kiss admits to loving this game more than actually wanting me to not kiss him, if that makes sense.  He is my little light and I love it.

Dakota:  Kody is my baby although each day I try to take strides to make him less babyish.  He is in Kindergarten and loving it.  He has worked for and met many goals and as I told my hubster today, if anyone would have told me a year ago what he would be like today I wouldn't have believed them, and if three years ago they would have described him today I would have vehemently argued against them.  Kody has grown so much.  He is funny although a lot of times his is such a calculated funny - try to get a reaction funny.  He is quirky and spirited, but still sweet, sensitive and cuddly.  He is the first to give up something of his he loves if he thinks it will make someone happy, but they have to be truly sad, because he is so acutely aware of other's emotions, the real ones not feigned.  He is intuitive and clever.  He is filled with such childhood goodness still.  I love his guts.

Well hopefully in a couple of years I will look back and love this post the way I did the journal entries with Wyatt earlier this evening.  Stay safe and love your little ones.  They really are among my greatest gifts. 

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