Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More While You Were Gone Moments

I'll spare the viewing public my multiple humiliating and awkward moments of this week where I slowly lost my mind and instead share with you other things we have been doing while Travis is away.  But just an example, think - being the last to leave the church building, turning off all lights, shutting it down, locking doors and double checking to make sure they are locked to realize that you don't have your keys.  They are indeed now locked inside the church in the primary cabinet hanging.  And multiple calls later and someone coming to the rescue and realizing that indeed you did have your keys.  Yeah that's just the tip off the iceberg.  But I am choosing to dwell on the positive, because that's how I roll.

So we had field trip week, where I went on field trips with Bella and Wyatt's class.  Bella's class went to Rohrer's Quarry and hiking at Governor Dick Park.  Look at my cute group of girls.

Of course, more baseball.  Look at the cute boys, numbers 1 - Issac and 3- Wyatt.  And Wyatt chilling at first.  I don't know if either of them realized they were in the exact same position.

Then I went with Wyatt's class to Hershey Factory.  My cute group of kids is the bottom of this group.  Below is the chocolate lab.  It was very cool.  We made chocolate treats and toured the Hershey Museum.  Wyatt and I on the bus goofing off.  Do you see the snaggle tooth that is practically falling out that he refuses to pull?

The we went to purchase the much talked about "cups".  And it poured raining.  I love this picture.  Afterwards rain and all we went to a dance party and bogeyed down.

And Kody walking to Pre-K.  He gets so excited and talks the whole way about all the things he sees, which is so weird since he is typically my silent one.  He is so cute in this time frame.  And also a day at Roots and his lunch that day being a tie-dye Whoppie Pie.  I know "Mom of the Year Award" right???

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