Friday, April 13, 2012

It All Begins

It all began with a goal and then an idea and then some personal revelation; Wham-O, my husband is in Wyoming, basically for the next two plus years.  I'm sure you're all thinking, "Is your family moving?"  It's the question I get most often.  But let me answer it definitively, NO, for right now anyway.  Because truth be told I'm not sure what we're doing here totally.  I've got an idea, my husband has a slightly better one, but mostly we are going on gut instinct and spiritual impressions.

Let me make this exhaustingly long story short, great job opportunity+temporary position+working with family=Wyoming.  The job is drilling Uranium, at the longest it will last until 2012, but could totally collapse before then, and he'll be working with his Dad and likely brother(s) before too long.  And the even shorter version is that Travis will come home when he can, likely assorted weekends, holidays, family vacation, but that's it for a while.  This first stint will be four to six weeks until we, the kids and I, see him again.  So in the meantime we'll engage in a lot of phone time, Skyping and package sending. 

So this blog has vamped into a journal specific for these two years as an update for my long distance hubby and a record of my experiences as widow or somewhat single mother.  So hopefully my honest insights won't bore you to tears, upset you on my behalf, but enlighten you all as to what's it's really like to have your best friend and eternal companion living across the country from you.

Adios, until next time.

Post Script:  Travis - some days this will be sad, but don't let it upset you too much.  You know you married an emotionally resilient girl, it's how I survived my childhood and not only that, but look back upon it with mostly happy memories.  Not only that, but I had bad days even when you were here.  So fear not for me.  Be happy and enjoy this experience.  I love you, Babe!

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T-Rex said...

Man talk about tugging at the heart strings. I love you babetta.