Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Large Amounts of Time Lapse

you may wonder what is happening when large amounts of time lapse in my life and there are no posts.  has she disappeared, died, or just gone insane.  well those are valid concerns, but here is what i was doing this week:

- being a single mom (see earlier post)
- taking the kids to Dutch Wonderland for one last visit before winter
- creating new hairdo's for Bella
- helping out at the Manheim Farm Show booth for Women's Club
- going to Hershey Bear's games with friends
- visitng my mom in York
- trying to plan and execute a primary program that doesn't stink
- having sleepovers during school vacations and entertaining even more children
- chaperoning field trips
- getting sucked into reading a new triloby, okay two new trilogys (don't judge me) AND
- watching my kids grow and enjoying those moments with them. (How the heck do I have such a grown up looking daughter.  I know she is almost 10 but whoa!)

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Alisa said...

You're a need to explain! I give you props for adding to the kid # without hubby around. I did that this weekend but I only added one......and that was ENOUGH for me! And the last picture of Bella, she looks so much like you in that picture!