Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Measure of a Man

Okay I admit it.  I'm biased.  I'm totally prejudiced.  I have favorites.  It's true.  And lucky for me I got the one I was biased towards, the one I preferred, the one I thought was the best - Travis.

Many ask me how I got so lucky with Travis.  I joke I knew immediately I wanted him and so I "cave woman style" clubbed him over the head, drug him back to my cave, and seduced -okay I wish, this should actually read brainwashed- the heck out of him.  When he finally was aware of what was going on it was too late for him.  He was under my power and control.  Mwahhh ha ha ha! (hearing the evil laugh?)

The real answer is I have no idea.  But I did know almost instantly he was the one.  Tons of clues really but one that still sticks out is this:  He had asked me to a dance in college called Cabaret aka Prom in high school.  I was shopping for a dress to wear since I had nothing this formal and modest at Ricks College.  He knew I didn't love shopping so he went with me.  I picked a dress and as he bulked at the cost $80ish, I know a deal right?, he drug me from the store with my new purchase in hand for a surprise.  He took me to Payless.  And said pick the shoes that go with that dress and I'll buy them for you."

What does this all mean?  Well it means he knew what was important.  The shoes - yes I am still to this day a shoe girl.  But he knew all kinds of stuff about the inner workings of me and I'll spare you those details, but to know a guy for only a few months and realize he cares about all those details, it was a big sign.  So long story short, I got shoes that would go with the dress...but just barely because what I really wanted was something I could wear over and over to remind me how great he was and still is.  This was over twelve years ago.  Sadly the shoes have been hot glued, super glued, polished, and protected as long as possible.  In Texas they met their untimely demise, but I took pictures to preserve their memory because I knew these shoes were only a symbol to determine the measure of "my man".


Alisa said...

This is probably my favorite post of yours, Mary. I hope you journal this....what a sweet relationship you two have.

Laura Lynn said...

Cool story, Mary!

And I must say, I love that family photo in your header! hee hee