Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trends I Don't Want to See

Lately I've been seeing some trends I'm not so excited about seeing.

First - Non Matching Socks; okay this is just me; but it looks dumb.  Will I let Bella do it?   Sure.  I mean I am not so staunch a parent as to repeat the Graver household tight rolled jean crisis.  Oh yeah, my parents took an official stand on this one and absolutely forbade it.  And since this was the height of fashion for quite a few years many Graver children could be found once they boarded the bus tight rolling their jeans.  And on the bus ride home you would see them un-tight rolling those jeans and also making mighty efforts to smooth out the creases and wrinkles.  What I learned?  That if everything becomes a battle you will make even the most obedient child (myself)- disobedient.   Okay so perhaps I wasn't the most obedient child, but you get my point right.  A silly thing to fight over.  And also you give a Graver child a problem and they will find a way to solve it.  Who knew my parents with all of their rules were creating resourceful children.  And fear not those who are non resourceful you need not create your own, you can buy them unmatched.

Second - Boob Gems; be still my heart.  The first time I saw it, I thought okay - trashy girl.  The second and third time I was like - what is going on here?  After a little tete a tete with my girlfriends I found that body gems are in and that just happens to be where they are landing.  Will I let Bella do it?  Heck no.
*Note - don't google this phrase.  Bad news.  But I did find the body gems done on the hands and that is sort of cool looking.  Also saw them on your teeth.  Freaky deaky.
Third - Shoulder Pads;  I was watching the evening news the other night, when low and behold I notice news lady is wearing shoulder pads.  Not the huge square shoulder pads of the 80's but not too far from it either.  Whoa I knew the 80's were coming back.  Really I did, but this was one of those things I thought would never return.  I mean what women really looks good with linebacker type shoulders.  I for one, having been born with them naturally, try to minimize their breadth whenever possible.  Unless of course I am trying to distract you from my even bigger hips.  Will I let Bella do it?  Sure, but once puberty hits, I'm pretty sure genetics are going to take over and provide her with the all natural ones too.

Amendment - okay if you are this skinny, you sort of can rock the shoulder pads.  But they are not made for the likes of me.
* Note: while having a massage the other day, the massage therapist said (oh look how PC I am in saying that instead of masseuse) told me I had the broadest shoulders and chest she had ever seen on a woman.  Awesome.  She then asked if "people were always confiding in me".  She told me that people are drawn to confess, disclose, and confide in people with broad shoulders.  But Travis was laughing when I told him.  Because he thinks people always tell me things they normally wouldn't tell other people.  I thought it was just because I ask a lot of questions and am generally curious.  But maybe all these years it was the shoulders working for me.  So for one specific husband of a friend who thinks I am a scuttle butt or bug, I can't remember which he called me - please note I do not go out trying to gather every detail about every person.  It's my shoulders.  Wife of this husband - I know you are reading this.  Pass this on to him.

So what kinds of crazy trends are you seeing in your "neck of the woods"?


Melissa said...

A feather strand weaved into your hair is the big thing here (fortunately with the kids only). I think it is weird and kindof inhumane, but I'm sure the trend will die quickly.

Staigerfamily said...

Loved this post! We have feathers or a strand of another color (bright purple etc) weaved into hair thing too---but I've seen it on adult women (at church) too. Weird. Kinda fun for a kid, but weird. Also-I still don't like skinny jeans. Most people don't have the body type to wear them and they make your feet look huge--like Bozo the clown. I don't mind the tucked into boot thing so much, but seriously--unless you are a super skinny model type--it does nothing for you. IMHO