Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pass, Punt, and Kick Competition

Since when did mediocre become abyssmal failure.  Well when you have two uber competitive parents that's when.  So on Saturday there was this competition.  Wyatt wanted to participate.   It's free, it fit in the schedule, so we said sure.  Travis took him and by no means did he win, but by far he wasn't as bad as some of the kids.  But Travis came home saying I've failed Wyatt as a father because he couldn't pass, kick, or punt near as far as Travis thought he should be able to.
But Wyatt loved it, the experience and all.  He is already talking about doing it next year.  And me I'm thinking maybe it's not so bad for our kids to be just okay at some things.  Perhaps there is something good to learn from it.  But I'm not going to complain if Travis wants to put in more ball time with the kids.  I'm just about the father/son bonding.

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