Friday, September 30, 2011

Dallas and Emma

IT WAS AWESOME.  And I could leave it at that, but I won't.  We talked, we ate out everyday, we watched more reality tv than any person should in one day, we met up with other friends for lunch, we went to a Dallas Cowboys game - be still my heart, we went to another friend's bday party, we shopped, we played with her beautiful twin babies, and we laughed tons.  See pics below.

*Note - the night of the game I got hit on 5 times.  Perhaps tying a personal record for one night.  But to hear Emma tell it is a whole lot different than me, but either way it was very flattering and made for lots more laughing.
Emma and Ahna - the Blue Goose (mexican restaurant)

Me outside the new Cowboys stadium - holla'

Cheesin' it up!

We scored - and by we I mean Dallas.


Christie said...

Isn't that stadium incredible? We went to the BYU Oklahoma game there a couple years ago. Seriously amazing!

Mary said...

i"m pretty sure that last picture has a shot of the mexican cowboy you made out with!!!!!! I had so much FUN come back!!! soon!!! I'm real soon and when my hubby is here so we can play even more. I'd love for the whole fam to come that would be fun too!!!