Thursday, September 15, 2011

America's Favorite Pasttime

Quiz Time:

Q.  What girl likes watching sports as much as most any guy?
A.  This girl - Yeah me, Mary

So the other night Travis was to go to a Barnstormers Game for a work mixer.  Yeah I"m calling his work thing a "mixer".   They had skybox tickets, with food vouchers, and so of course Travis asked if I could go along.  In the end the answer was a resounding yes.  So date night was scheduled, babysitter gotten, and I sat in the skybox turned around in my seat talking to one of Travis's coworkers, Connie, who I adore.  By the way Connie this was not your fault.  I love talking to you.  My arm was braced on the table to help me twist in my seat when I heard shouts of "Watch Out!"  I turned around to watch the 80+ mph foul ball whack me right in the arm at the elbow.  The crack was a horrifying sound.  The pain was immediate.  My eyes were welling with tears despite my trying to be tough in front of about 20 men.  But as they all coddled and babied me -something I'm not used to since my brother's were of the "stop being a girl" variety and Travis has learned- my pain won out in the face of sympathy and I cried.  Just a little.  Okay maybe more than a little.  Embarrasingly probably too much.  Which made me feel dumb.  The Barnstormer Staff was amazing as person after person came to check on me, send EMS, file incident report, and waivers after I refused the ambulance ride to the hospital.
And all I could think was please don't be so hurt I can't do my Big Bash Obstacle Dash on Saturday.  That night I doped myself up with triple my normal amount of IB Profren and went to sleep alternating heat and ice.  Well despite declining a hospital visit, I am on the mend.  As for the race we will have to see.

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