Sunday, June 19, 2011

You Have To Be Graceful To Be A Ballerina

These words were uttered to me by my father when I was about six or seven and had expressed an interest in taking ballet.  His words weren't meant to be hurtful but more factual.  And being raised by the man I knew that and never took it personally, although as an adult when I tell that story others cringe and I can see how it all sounds so very wrong. 

Of course I wanted to take ballet, I was a little girl and my best friend was taking ballet and she had cute outfits, lovely tight buns, and a knowledge of these super secret first through fifth positions.  But alas it was never meant to be.  I forgot about ballet as I pursued other activities mainly sports.  And when I started having kids of my own I couldn't help but have some plans for them and their extra-curricular endeavors, namely gymnastics.  But alas that was not to be...Bella was uninterested despite having a perfect body build and muscle structure for it. 

Instead she approached me shyly asking to take Ballet.  I was not sure how serious she was so enrolled her first in a 6 week Rec Class.  She loved it, excelled at it, and was recruited by her teacher immediately to come join New Line Revue in Lititz.  The teacher told me that Bella had picked up dance really quickly compared to children her age.  So with her love and natural predisposition for it I went in search of a studio that was not cost prohibitive, a user of the Cecchitti Methods, and conveniently located.  Cricket's Dance Studio in Manheim met the above criteria and we enrolled Bella.  She was starting much later than kids her age, but loved it and after a year was bumped up a class.  She has since added tap and equally loves that.

This year as her recital approached she seemed very apprehensive.  This was uncommon for her and I had asked her about it.  She was worried that the class was not totally ready, their timing was still off, but still her fears seemed unfounded to me.  The day of the recital Travis, my mom, and I attended.  Each class performs a number.  Unbeknownst to me her ballet class started their number and I soon realized why she had been a ball of nerves.  She had been excitedly keeping the surprise that she played quite a prominent role in her class's number.  She was the Prima Ballerina of sorts.  She was beautiful and graceful.  And I was so proud to learn that this meant so much to her, that she had kept such a wonderful surprise/secret.

And when I watch her dance I can't believe that she is my little girl because of course up there she is all grown up.  And it didn't hurt that their makeup requirements included eyeliner which made her look like a mini teenager.  I don't know where the years are going, but I couldn't be more proud of her with each one that passes. 

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We Three Queens said...

Bella is beautiful. What a graceful young lady you have there. And you, Mary, are a wonderful example to many. Hugs...