Monday, June 27, 2011

That's A Lot of Miles

So the day after school got out and a short hour after Bella's dance recital, I hopped on a plane to Orlando, FL.  I was going to "visit" James.  Actually I was going to help him move his family across the country.  So after a delayed flight and getting to bed at 2am, we slept and upon awaking loaded the last of his stuff onto the Penske truck.  James the lone Penske driver and Adriane, baby Mason (6 mos) and myself into the car.  On that first day we drove, saw a fresh car accident with what we now know to be a deceased individual thrown from the car and two others life flighted to a nearby hospital in FL.  Not a good omen to start a 40 hour trip.  The first day we drove 14 hours,  the second day we drove 15 hours, but with an earlier start stopped earlier in the day too.  And the last and third day of driving we plowed through 9 hours of driving to land ourselves in Orem. 
1.  Happy baby Mason.  He was like this the whole trip.
2.  Macon, GA - I used to live here.
3.  Wyoming skyline
4.  Nebraska skyline in its nothingness.  I love it!
5.  Bored Mary
6.  Truckers Skillet - 9 lbs. of breakfast; eat it all in an hour it's free if not a mere $49.
7.  We saw the flooding, tornado, and severe weather that had occurred all over the midwest.
8.  Great sign.
9.  Adriane is now a rockstar marathon driver.
10.  Wind energy
11.  How can you not love this kid?
12.  Atlanta - our first big city after leaving Orlando

I jumped right into the madness and joined my sister in law Ashley to attend Relief Society meeting that night, this was our old ward after all.  I caught up with at least 20 old friends, hugged at least 50 people, and engaged in one tearful reunion.  I harassed my old sugar daddy and started making plans to meet up with friends and family over the remainder of the week.  I planned to jog up the "Y" and Ashley wanted to join me.  But a mile jog up the side of a mountain proved to be a little too hard and so shortly into it we forgot that idea and improvised to have a lovely little hike.  I walked 4+ miles with a friend as we chatted and caught up.  I toted my sister up to Tooele to see my sister-in-law in the King and I.  I ate myself silly with Elizabeth at my old favorite - Bajio's.  I met up with friends for lunches and one even booked Pedi's for us before lunch where I practically got my sister fired.  A long story for another day.  I saw my nieces swimming lessons, and laid out at the pool.
Mainly I just hung out with my best friends, aka family, out there.  It was awesome but I was ready to go home Sunday morning.  And nothing beats finishing a trip than waking up to find your sister who is driving you to the airport to be seriously ill, barfing.  So even when my overbooked flight was offering $400 plane vouchers for anyone willing to take the next flight, I was like forget that - It's time to get home, see my kids, and finish celebrating Father's Day. 


Anja said...

looks like you had a fun trip! So sad i missed you :(

kbhull said...

you are a rock star of a sister for helping and you look fabulous!!! i miss you so please call me!!!

Maria said...

Fun trip! I love the last photo of you with your fam!!