Friday, June 10, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, and Pictures

Summer Reading Program kicks off on June 1st,
but we had a party in Manheim for it on the following Friday in the city park. 
There were balloons, crafts, games and a pinata.
 Bella got one corner of the broken pinata which she promptly turned into a princess hat. 
What a happy family?  The things to do in Manheim never cease.
 Visiting Grandpa and Grandma's - we cross the Holtwood Dam.
I'll never get over how beautiful it is.
 Kody almost always falls asleep on the way over and even while sleeping he has a crusty old man face. 
He has been making these old man faces since infancy.  I love them!
 Feeding the goats and chickens. 
The kids love the animals and we spend tons of time outside. 
The poor chickens will probably be forever scarred since my kids can't help but want to chase them.
 Wyatt and Grandpa pose for a picture by the goat's rock pile for climbing.
My red hands indicate it is June and therefore strawberry picking time. 
 I made jam galore this year.  Freezer jam, canned jam, and oodles of flavors:
strawberry, strawberry kiwi, and strawberry rhubarb.
 As my last act as Wyatt's room mom for first grade we had an end of school year party. 
We played lots of "Minute To Win It" style games and this is the winning team of the jigsaw puzzle game cheering their way back to the starting line.
Do you recognize this superstar in red on the couch? 
Well you should if you watch Masterchef. 
Because she was on it and so of course we had a viewing party but not without having the best breakfast for dinner potluck you could ever imagine -
crepes, sausage, pancakes, waffles, lemon bars, fruit, croissants,
and so much more I can't remember, but I was in food heaven.
 Well you can't let the heat beat you and so field day went on as scheduled for the day before school ended.  It was "only" 99 degrees. 
I was in charge of the Frisbee golf station.  They were supposed to get in teams of four. 
And all the boys wanted to be on Bella's team.
So starts the passel of men falling Bella around everywhere.
 After a very tiring and packed last week, my kids were barely alive for the last day. 
These drowsy waiting for breakfast faces are not typical of a normal school day. 
 Just goes to show you how much they do in that last week.
Issac's had the same last day of school for Pre-K also. 
He asked to sport a hat and his teachers conceded. 
He loved both his teachers as did I and here they are posing with him. 
What a cute little rock star!
Hope your school year was as good as ours.

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