Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All In A Week's Work

Truly being a stay at home mom is hard work, but being someone who has never minded doing work and actually loves it for the most part I thrive at my job. Last week I got home on Sunday from being gone a week. By Sunday night Travis had said, "Mary is back home" referring to tornado effort to not destroy but instead organize the house from top to bottom making up from when I was gone. And Monday morning I woke up at 5am to jump back into my life and 40 minutes of fun. Travis and I have been working out together before he leaves for work doing the Insanity Workout. Once he leaves I do my thing till the kids wake up and honestly most mornings that means going back to bed. Hey I get points for working out right? Plus I go to the gym later in the morning again anyway.

But being gone the first official week the pool was open my kids were chomping at the bit to get there.  So we spent a lot of time there.  And one day when it was raining we headed on over to the North Museum, honestly I love my annual membership here.  Priceless I tell you.  Then Thursday night we went into Philadelphia to see the Mormon Tabernacle perform.  It was awesome and not being a particular fan of MoTab, take that seriously when I say it was awesome.  The cultural diversity of the music was really great especially when I was sort of expecting it to be all hymn type music.  Then Friday night our family washed and vacuumed both of the cars because of the small rodents who had made nests in my car.  They actually really have...they are named: Bella, Wyatt, Issac, and Kody.
Kody bonked his head shortly after arriving at the museum.
This pic is too cute, but he ended with a bruised lump.  Poor kiddo!

Saturday morning we headed to DC to go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints temple there. We went to see a friend take out his endowments in preparation for his mission, another friend do hers, and a sweet couple from our ward to be sealed. Conveniently it was turned into our ward temple day and so Travis and was there early for youth baptisms too. So the kids and I played on the grounds until it was time for me to go in and than others in our ward watched our kids. The weather was perfect though and Bella really showed what a great little photographer she is when she stole my camera to experiment. The only down side was a bug bite Bella had a bad reaction to that made me consider taking her to the doctor. No small feet but literally it had swelled to a 7" in diameter circle of super hot, red and swollen madness behind the back of her knee. Luckily it is disappearing slowly.

Issac found a caterpillar that entertained him for about an hour.
Notice in the pic below Wyatt has his found some critters too.

And I am spent.  Time for a nap!


My hope is that everyone is enjoying the great summer weather and basking in the work of motherhood.


Alisa said...

I think we might have been in Utah at the same time. I miss those mountains!!!!

Laura Lynn said...

Busy! What week isn't I guess? I wouldn't mind if mine were toned down a little and included a getaway!