Friday, June 5, 2015

Camping ?!?!

Yes our family loves camping.  And not the camper style camping, although that's fun too, but the tent and sleeping bags, cooking over fire living in the woods style camping.  Some people like to camp but need to do it for a week to make it worth all the packing.  But I think that is where our family is different.

There's a bit of survivalist or fundamentalist that we can easily revert back to.  Sleep, eat and water it up and we are fine.  So we can escape for a weekend easily with a tent, sleeping bags, loads of junk food (hot dogs and s'more supplies) and a case of bottled water.

Travis took the boys for their first camp of the season.  I thought I would love them being gone and I did, but I also felt like I was missing out.  Good thing there are many camping trips in our future this summer (here's hoping - anyway).

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