Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blah, Blah, Blah - This is What We Do

I may not love mornings...
or more accurately not sleeping,
but if you have to be up -
I guess a good sunrise is the way to do it.
Found a belated Mother's Day paper in Issac's backpack.
It's close enough and fairly flattering.
I'll take it.
Bella may be pint sized, but girl is strong.
She lifted this 50 lb bag of rice up from the basement.
I actually sent her down for a 10 lb. bag.
Travis and I suspect Issac may be rich.
Dude is not afraid of a little hard work.
So if his siblings have tablets and he doesn't...
but he wants one, he is not afraid to earn it.
Thanks to our neighbor who was changing,
he got a screamin' deal.
Look at that happy boy!
Likewise Kody is now feeling left out.
It didn't help when Issac won this learning Geo Safari laptop.
But alas, he sold it to Kody for $5...
 the last of the money he needed to buy the tablet.
And ironically Wyatt may play it the most!
All is well that ends well.
We are doing okay!

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