Friday, May 29, 2015

Run, Forest, Run

5th and 6th grade Track and Field Day is a huge hit.  The kids walk the track as if it is the Olympic arena and each class is a different county.  They then run the torch and play the National Anthem.  The games then begin.  Track events are the main stay, but they also have some fun games like tug of war.

Wyatt ran the 800M, 70M, and 4x100M.  He also threw discus (we may need some work there).  Regardless this day is always an interesting day for me to see where my kids are athletically in comparison to other kids their age.  I never know exactly what to expect, but once again I was happily surprised. 

He had tons of fun and I really saw him playing with his friends.  My lone wolf, may not be quite as "lonely" at school. 

Look at that face!!!  How can you not love this boy???

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