Sunday, May 17, 2015

More About Me

What is it about this face?  (one on left; taken last month)
Or is it something more than the face?  Let me matter where I go...people compare me to someone.  Most often I remind them of a celebrity who they compare me to.  But almost just as often I remind them of a cousin, younger sister or best friend from home.

Don't get me wrong, where I used to be bugged or flattered depending on who they made the comparison to, because it's hard to see someone you are compared to physically and think you are more attractive {See this post from two years ago}, but maybe that just happens to me - because I have not struggled with my confidence in the looks department and instead have been blessed to think I was pretty throughout my life.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no knock down, drop dead gorgeous beauty, but I like to think of myself as above average. 

But with age, I have realized something about each of these comparisons...the people I am being compared to are almost always adored by the person who is comparing me to them.  And so whether the physical resemblance is overwhelming or not, I've learned to take them all as compliments because being compared to someone beloved is something to be cherished. 

Because although I want to be beautiful, I'd much rather be the person who makes everyone feel loved, comfortable, filled with fun memories, a nice nostalgic blast from the past or someone they hold near and dear for whatever reason.  So because I don't have all the family photos I have seen over the past two decades I'll give you a sampling of the celebrities. 
Jennifer Lawrence
Alyssa Milano
Lana Del Rey
Sandra Bullock
Emily Blunt

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