Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Practice Drill

Q.  What happens when you have hot oil on the burner and you get distracted?
A.  Well you get a burning oil smell.
Q.  What happens when your son asks about what is making that smell?
A.  You remember the hot oil.
Q.  What happens when you remember the oil?
A.  You feel grateful it didn't catch on fire and you turn off the heat and remove the lid to try and let the oil cool down quicker.

But that will be your biggest mistake.  Because even though there was no fire, add the fresh oxygen to the hot oil and ka-boom, you have a mini explosion, fire climbing your microwave, cupboards and ceiling.

Q.  What happens when you see this rolling fire?
A.  You squeal, momentarily panic, and start pulling out the fire extinguisher from below the sink.
Q.  What does your husband do?
A.  He lifts the hot pot off the stove and promptly throws it into your backyard, where it will burn several spots of grass.
Q.  What happens next?
A.  He says you don't need the fire extinguisher and tries to put out the flame with a hand towel.
Q.  What happens then?
A.  Well that puts out the fire for the most part, but catches fire.  Your wife will put that fire out.  And everything will be fire free, but totally singed.
Q.  What will you do next?
A.  You will open all the windows and doors to let it air our, you will scrub endlessly.  Most will come off.  Some will not.
Q.  What will remain singed?
A.  The plastic of the microwave will forever be discolored.  So sad!

Moral of the Story - Don't leave hot oil unattended on the stove.

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