Friday, October 17, 2014

Farm Show 2014-15

If you're not a regular to my blog, you probably don't know how awesome Manheim, Pennsylvania is.  It may sound like some German town and let's be honest there is a lot of German influence.  The food is to boot.  But you may be wondering what else there is.  Well it is home to the world's largest auto auction, it's a few short miles form America's Coolest Small Town 2013, proud presenters of the Renaissance Faire and more picturesque small town values and images than in the movie Funny Farm.  And there are a million farms and a plethora of Amish or Mennonite people. 

Well nothing sums up our small town charm more than our Farm Show. Each year the first full week in October we have farm show.  You watch this small town bustle with excitement and activity.  Everyone participates whether you are a farmer or not.  My daughter has been on the Farm Show court twice and Jr. Queen Alternate twice and our agriculture experience is limited.  But our town comes out and comes together to celebrate our existence.  It's quite remarkable and I just fall in love again. 

Here's a small agricultural collage to help you realize how amazing we are.  Pictures will never convey all of my fond feelings. 

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