Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The York Fair

As a child, I thought this was about the coolest place ever.  It is America's First Fair, just in case you didn't know.  It will be 250 years old next year.  There are rides, games, food and exhibits and sadly an admittance fee.  So when I was younger my parents would take us once usually each year.

Each year, I hear about the York Fair, even though I live almost an hour away.  This year I decided to take my kids.  Well there is still an entrance fee and so $50ish later we were all in and had done nothing.  We looked at exhibits, walked around, the kids had brought some of their own money to spend how they chose. 

I finally realized why my parents weren't that big of fans.  It wasn't that great as an adult.  Everything was exorbitantly priced, some of the people there were a little less than savory, and I can only enjoy walking around spending oodles of money on crap for so long.  But I'm glad my kids got to go.

The stuff I did like though was the candy display, the model exhibits and the butter sculpture and I guess the small zoo - I mean there is nothing like getting a picture with a zebra's butt.

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