Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Heart Breaks...

Today I ran into an old friend whom I hadn't seen in a bit.  She hugged me, told me I looked great, asked how I was.  I likewise turned around and inquired the same.  I knew she had recently had a job change and I inquired about that.  She said, "Oh - you haven't heard."  Well she told me the story.  It was that she had an affair, had gotten caught, lost her husband, her home, her life.  Add to that she had cheated with a coworker's husband.  Needless to say the job change was needed.  After she quickly asked, "Please don't judge me.  I respect you too much and hope you still think you can like me."  I replied of course I still could like her.  And I wouldn't judge harshly, as I had done innumerable things I regret and wished I hadn't.  Her remorse was overwhelming and all I felt was a deep sadness and a little despair. 

This is a lovely person.  And I know nothing about the events that led up to this event or about the inner minds of those involved.  I do know the coworker also and my heart broke for her too, because even though she didn't tell me - I'm sure her heart is broken and she feels shame and/or embarrassment too about the whole situation.  As I left, I couldn't help but worry about every person involved.

Next my mind turned to the many couples who I know who are currently struggling in their marriages.  Two friends of Travis and mine are separating or want to.  I don't know what to tell them, how to help them.  I wonder if I should be worrying about my own marriage.  It seems like all around my the collapse of relationships and families are occurring.  And as I hear about or see these things, words from The Family: A Proclamation to the World come to my mind.  The family really is the fundamental unit of society.  With its destruction, our societies corrode and values and morals become harder to teach. 

I hope my husband and I have done enough and are doing enough.  I hope the base of open communication will allow us to express problems to one another early on that we can work to overcome.  I hope that our commitment to one another and to our own morals will help prevent us from possibly falling into these types of traps.  I hope, I hope, I hope for everyone, everywhere...that as they face these types of decisions in their lives and their marriages that they are guided and inspired on how to act and what to do and that they follow those good inspirations.

I love the family, my family.  More so this year as we study the Proclamation in Primary.  They are an eternal unit.  This concept has been foreordained by a loving Father in Heaven to help us succeed here on Earth, because he loves us.  So if you are reading this, think of the good things.  Think of the positive, tell your spouses how much you appreciate them, love on your children, reconnect with those in your family you have become estranged from.  I implore you, because my heart doesn't like to fell this kind of useless hurting.

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