Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mantra Maven

I love a good mantra, a motto, a catchphrase - what have you.

I believe in the power of positive messages and self fulfilling prophecies.  So it is with beliefs that I have spent my adult like coming up with them for myself, for my family, whatever.  When our children were younger we made family ones.  They have changed over the years based on our needs but the two that remain through all the years have been...

1.  Whitings can do hard things.
2.  We don't say can't, we say what can I do?

Then as my kids got older and I decided to reclaim some of my time and body, I returned to my love of sports and working out.  I was frustrated to see that some of my previous inherent talent and abilities had decreased or diminished.  As I started working out again and was faced with something tough, my mind would ring with the words "you are a tough beast, you've got this".  Today I like to think I am in pretty good shape. 

As the years have gone by I have adopted new ones to suit my current needs or goals.  Just this past month, I created a new one.  The older I get the more involved I become in activities of my children, of my church, and in my community.  I interact with all different kinds of people.  I have felt frustrated to see they are so different from me, usually not in ways I like.  I have always respected and admired how patient my husband is.  So after careful thought, I have come up with...

1.  I am a tolerant, patient and kind person.

Whenever I think an uncharitable thought, feel myself becoming frustrated or overwhelmed, I say these words to myself.  Depending on my level of angst, they can be said many times and sometimes audibly.  Travis has laughed as he has seen me a time or two muttering these words to myself.  But that's okay, because it's worked every other time.  I feel confident it will work this time again.  So coming soon to a neighborhood near you, please welcome Mary, a tolerant, patient and kind person.

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Christie said...

I love you and your family! I have learned so many things from you that I want to implement in my family.