Monday, March 24, 2014

Facebook Quizzes

As Facebook quizzes rise in popularity,
I can't be on fb without seeing a friend who has posted one with their attached results. 
And almost immediately,
there I am clicking on the link taking it myself,
looking to see how I compare to my friend,
to figure out my own results. 
Travis mocks me with this as he thinks it is a ridiculous waste of time.  
But every so often, I ask and he appeases me by answering the questions
so I can find his results for him.
I know he is secretly dying to no.
Okay probably not!
Typically I'm a sensible person,
I agree it is a waste of time, which led me to the question...why???
Why do I feel compelled to take these quizzes...
to see which Disney princess I am,
find out which Era I should live in,
what Demigod I was in another life,
know the color I am,
which Biblical female I am most like,
my famous relationship doppelganger,
where should I actually live,
what is my dream home,
the Disney couple am I,
the famous author I should have been?
And after discussing it with a friend,
she answered my quandary as to why they are so popular in general and why,
me someone usually so efficient with time gets sucked into this.
Everyone's favorite topic is themselves. 
I paused at the simplicity of the answer. 
And there it is folks.  I am your garden variety narcissist.
And I think this may account for the creation and explosive rise in "Selfies". 
Something to consider!

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