Friday, December 13, 2013

It's My Batty Life

Sometimes life is so weird and quirky things happen. 
They came in abundance this week and each time, I am just left laughing.
In no particular order:

1.  Issac wanted fruit snacks, a bit of a treat at our house.  He had done his chores, finished his homework and done all I asked.  So he asked for a Mario fruit snack.  I said yes and he went to the basement to retrieve some from our food storage room.  A half hour later he came up, almost in tears, handing me this pile of wrappers saying, "Mom, when I finished my first pack of fruit snacks they were so good, that I ate the rest of the box (6).  And as soon as I finished I knew it was wrong and felt so bad and now I have just been downstairs trying to figure out a way to tell you."
 2.  Then last night, everyone wanted to play bed switches.  Fine.  Issac and Wyatt ended up in bed, when I went to check on them in bed before I got in bed, I saw that they were both crunched on one side of the bed using perhaps 2 of the 5 feet of bed space with Issac half hanging off.
 3.  I haven't mentioned on here, but on Facebook, that Wyatt, Isabella, Jonathin and the neighbors, Bailey and Summer, started a string ensemble called "The Stringateers".  They practice together weekly.  They wanted to have a little concert for the parents right before Christmas.  I agreed, but then found this note attached to a weird Smurf.  Yes, that is her asking for donations to come watch their performance.  Entrepreneur anyone???
I love my goofy and random life.

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