Friday, December 27, 2013

6th Annual Christmas Eve Crazy

In my family growing up on Christmas Eve, we always had a Shepard's Dinner.  We ate the foods we guessed the Shepard's would have loosely eaten; fruit, cheese, bread, grape juice (aka wine) and other foods.  Over the years we became less strict in the food observances.

Well when our family moved back to Pennsylvania, we became the unofficial hosts of Shepard's Dinner.  We may not be good at even remotely trying to observe the food restrictions, but we eat tons, laugh even more, play Charades and this year some leg wrestling took place after a particular niece of mine challenged me many months ago.

Then after we send everyone home, we let the kids open the present in their stockings from us.  This year they got chocolate lollipops and pajamas.  We also let Jay open a couple of gifts before we took him over to his mom's house for Christmas.  They posed for cute pictures and then we hit the sack so Santa could come.

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