Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Forgotten Child

Dakota's birthday was September 1st.  It wasn't forgotten, actually - it's just always at a crazy busy time of year.  Usually the first week of school, Labor Day, end of summer business.  You know!!!  I still remember the day he was born.  We were living in Utah and every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend my hubby and brothers would escape to the Montana wilderness for Man Time.  This particular year, Travis was nervous about going.  I was due Sept. 5th and Labor Day was the 3rd.  My brothers told him I wouldn't go early and teased him about going mercilessly. 

But the smart man I know him to be, handled the playful teasing and opted to stay home to be safe.  He knew that with no cell coverage and a ten hour drive under great circumstances were a great combination for missing the birth of his child.  The Saturday of Labor Day weekend after suffering the worst sickness of my adult life the previous two days I was in a funk ready to be done with pregnancy.  Travis offered for a family movie night and pizza.  We ordered the pizza and as we walked into the next door movie shop, I halted.  Travis only realized I wasn't following after he was halfway in.  I told him to grab a movie fast, because this baby was coming now. 

Just like that, the worst clutching labor pain of my four kids hit me rendering my absolutely still.  He grabbed a movie, and the pizza while I called my sister.  She was on a date but brought the date and other couple, my childhood bf, to our house.  The kids were crazed with excitement and I was in no shape to entertain.  We left as they walked in the door.  By the time we hit Labor and Delivery, one mile from our house - I was quietly sobbing with pain.  Suffice to say as we approached the doors, they asked which child - Travis answered fourth and they skipped checking me and put me right into a room.  I was dilated to 7 and in the most excruiciating pain of my life. 

Issac had been my easiest labor and I had been hoping that this one would follow the same course.  I cried for an epidural, but cursed my mother when they told me there would be no time.  She had wished this very thing for me the month before.  I cried throughout the labor and struggled to build the courage to push this baby out, but with Travis as my wall of courage I got it done.  From the hospital door to delivery was 51 minutes and from the video store an additional 10.

So much like this story unfolded is the personality of my baby child, Dakota.  He does things his own way, on his own time frame, paying no heed to anything or anyone else.  From his birthday to present he has had a myriad of mostly crusty and kermudgeon like old man faces.  Everyone laughs while saying - ohh, like I am a mean mother until I show his baby album and then they laugh with understanding.  My red headed wonder has lived up to every stereotype every produced about red heads.  He's fiesty, opinionated, and full of passion.  He's as sweet and wonderful as he is horrible and stubborn.  And most everyday he snuggles me while telling me how much he loves me, how beautiful I am, and how sad he is that we can't get married as he tries to talk me into it despite pesky old dad being in the way.  And let me tell you, this kid can make a persuasive arguement when pressed. 

He's whip like smart, full of mischief, and can't refuse a good dare.  He's so much like me, it scares me sometimes.  He's given me gray hairs, a million worries, and the hardest decision by being born so close to the school cut off date.  Everything about him pushes to the very boundaries of life.  I wonder often what I can teach this child who came into this world knowing so much and feeling like he has so little to learn.  But I am confident in this child, because although he could turn out to be a mad man, I mean I did call him my bi-polar baby until he was three, I am actually quite confident that he will be like Alma the Younger.  Perhaps causing his parents to worry at times, but in the end one of the most valiant forces for good in his time.  His will is unchanged by others and that sense of stalwartness is unbending.  I can't believe how amazing and special he is.  Happy Birthday buddy.  I love you infinitely.


Laura Lynn said...

Happy birthday to Dakota!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to Dakota! I feel quite pathetic that I don't know any of Jack's cute cousins birthdays! Hope yall are doing well! Love, Rebecca