Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Signing Autographs

I was at the kid's school today helping in Wyatt's class.  His teacher says to me, did you see the newspaper yet.  "No?!?!" 

And he asks "It's today, right?  Bella's story in the paper."

"Oh, yeah.  Today is Tuesday."  You see they had told me that my daughter had won third place in an essay contest among all the fourth graders.  I just sometimes forget things.  Okay a lot of things.

After walking down to Bella's class to drop off some stuff she had forgotten at home, I encountered her teacher.  The classroom was empty.  And she told me that Bella had taken on the role of celebrity at the school.  Each student had been given a newspaper, since a whole section had been devoted to Newspaper in Education, and as they received their paper, they would rush Bella asking for autographs.

Her teacher told me she was very humble and super gracious and kind, simply signing away.  Now don't get me wrong I love that she won 3rd place.  But I love even more that she is a level-headed girl.  Because to paraphrase Kathy Lee Gifford from the other day - I really never thought this day would come - Talent is something you are born with, character is something you build.  Congrats, Bell ba doo.  I think you have both talent and character.

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