Thursday, March 8, 2012

Local Celebrity Birthday

I'm a good friend or so I like to tell myself.  That is why when a gym friend had his birthday, I sent out a request looking for scantily clad dressed men.  Because although he is really a minor celebrity, last year's National Champion of Car Racing, he is a pretty modest guy.  So my idea was to stalk his wife's facebook account, copy a picture, blow up his face and match it to a body, hang it on the front door to the gym and watch him be embarrassed. 

And it worked beautifully.  But even more than embarrassed, he was super flattered and laughed and came to give me a hug, even though I was seriously sweaty already four miles into my run, and he knew it was intended to make him feel all loved since his wife happens to be out of town.  So see...good friend.  This is me giving myself a pat on the back!  Oh and if it would have backfired we would be even, because he ran me through a workout two days ago that still has my legs fighting back with fiery pain and cramping sensations that won't stop.

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Laura Lynn said...

Funny stuff. I'm sure he loved being remembered!