Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Still Learning

What I've learned in the past two weeks:

eating 2 dozen faschnauts in 4 days will impress/disgust everyone around you
eating 3 faschnauts before bed will give you a tummy ache
giving up naughty words for lent is really hard and expensive - think words such as dumb, stupid, etc...

thinking about hard things is sometimes harder than the actual thing itself
watching your parents cry is a very difficult thing for a child to observe
you really learn about your friends when something big happens

building a school yearbook on a less than stellar website totally stinks
when a parent says their child didn't receive a paper, when they clearly did, means that their life is crazy busy so be sympathetic
there is something freeing about making large decisions for future years when you know you won't be in charge anymore

a blue and gold banquets is just a party for cub scouts with a predetermined color scheme
i love flowers, bring on the wasteful spending
ward variety shows are a good time to be silly under the guise of sharing talents

having a near run in with the law is very scary
knowing that your child was gone for fifteen minutes and you didn't even realize it is scarier
having neighbors that recognize your wandering children is a big relief