Friday, November 18, 2011

Twins or Look Alikes

I'm always just a little nervous when someone says I look like someone they know.  From past experience when I finally meet, see, or view a photo of that alleged person I'm a little woebegone and sometimes a bit offended.  In my head I am often prettier than the person they thought I looked like and it is always a temporary let down. 

Likewise about five years ago, people started saying that this newer actor looked like my husband.  Initially I had never heard of him.  Then as his career picked up more momentum so did the claims that my husband and him could be twins.  Even today at the gym, the claim was made again.  You see I think my husband is much better looking than this guy, Jason Statham.  What do you think?

I see similar head and face shapes, wrinkle lines between the eyes, and no actual ear lobes, and a near constant state of 2 day beard growth, but otherwise my husband's way hotter.  Case closed.

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