Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October in Headlines

Life seems to be slipping by me.  I can hardly keep up in terms of living it let alone documenting it for posterity's sake.  Here is the wrap up of October that I haven't gotten around to.  Yeah just ignore that fact that we are over halfway done November and the week before Thanksgiving. 
  • The Beauty of Fall 
my mom's back yard has one of the best views ever this time of year

  • Bats, Wolves, and Cats Oh My: Pumpkin Carving Was a Huge Success   
  • Corn Meal Made With Cars

Lancaster County = Spilled corn, cars and cornmeal

  • Best Teacher: And the Award goes to a Man 
I love Wyatt's teacher so much!
  • Homecoming Football Game:  Barons vs. Crazy Kids
  • Freakish Snow Storm Pounds the East Coast on Super Saturday
  • Last Minute Costume Changes Imminent

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whitney allison said...

You and Travis are KILLING me!