Sunday, March 12, 2017

It Wasn't That Miserable

Isabella killed it as a freshman this year.
She managed all honors courses,
about 15 extra curricular activities,
yay-that's not an exaggeration.
She maintained good grades.
Made new friends, stayed friends with many of the same ones.
She adjusted to new schedules at school and with seminary.
She worked longer days than most people gainfully employed.
And she did it with all the poise, confidence, and grace I could have ever hoped.
She has a certain joie de vivre that you have to see to believe.
She is so amazing.  And so was her first high school musical.
Pulling off Les Mis for your first musical is no joke.
But our school had the talent and chops to make it fabulous.
She did amazing and each night we were lucky to be supported by:
friends, family, ward members, community and class mates.
I hope her life is always filled with all the
energy and enthusiasm I've seen this year.
I love you BooBoo.

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