Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer Wrap Up and August Review

The summer flew by, faster than ever before.  I don't think I did much relaxing or vacationing or pool side sitting.  I also didn't do my typical summer curriculum for the kids.  So what did I do, I think I really just played chauffer to my kids and all of their activities. But Isabella did get her braces off in there, Issac and Kody still had plenty of time to play in the back yard with the neighbors and I got a nap or two.  It was a time warp summer.

This summer we did "summer swim team" that took quite a bit of time and commitment. Also with the kids getting older they each were gone for a week or so with church activities.  Isabella had girls' camp and youth conference, Wyatt had Scout camp, and the two younger boys went to Cub Day Camp, but it lasted a whole week.  So right there is 5 weeks of crazy.  Add in tons of things to prepare for and carry out the Philadelphia Temple Open House, Dedication and Cultural Celebration.  Then we added Band Camp and athletic training for Cross Country and Soccer.  Throw in two weeks to Texas, one to the Beach, and one week of family (William and Lacey and kids) being in town and boom summer is gone.

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