Sunday, September 25, 2016

Philadelphia Temple and Cultural Celebration

The bulk of July's end, all of August and September's
beginning have had one over-riding theme. 
Yes, eight years ago, the Philadelphia Temple was announced,
four years ago they broke ground,
and last weekend they finished with a celebration,
dedication and it is now open for use. 
What has that meant for my family. 
Well in 7 weeks, we have made 13 trips to Philadelphia,
usually in the worst of traffic times (2-3 hours each way) 
on the Schuylkill Expressway. 
Locals know I deserve a medal. 
Add another few times that my family or I
have been there but carpooling with others. 
Those trips were volunteering to help give,
guide and clean after the many tours that went
through during the open house. 
Over 140,000 visitors attended in that time. 
Then there were the many practices
to prepare for the youth cultural celebration. 
And amazingly enough I was asked
to be part of the Cornerstone Choir,
which practiced quite a bit too, but mostly 
locally and just in Philadelphia on that last weekend. 
So I waited a week to write this post
because directly after, all I felt was exhaustion,
but now that I've had a week to recover,
I feel absolute
So what was it all for:
It wasn't for the pageantry called the cultural celebration
although that was fun for my kids.
It wasn't for the glory of participating in the
Cornerstone Choir, although flattering,
or standing near President Eyring.
It wasn't for any of these things.
It was for my deep and abiding
for the temple, for the gospel and for saving covenants.
It was so my kids could increase
their own love, their own faith and own testimonies of temples.
And despite my bone weary tiredness
it did just that.
Sewing "colonial" clothing

In the middle of the show,
Wyatt sees Bella and runs to share his thoughts.
Best summed up with his thumbs up.


The view at night!

I came out to find my boys all quietly contemplating it.

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