Saturday, July 23, 2016

Swim Season

So after two or three years of saying no to summer swim, this year I conceded.  Many have asked me why I said no and basically it is because I run myself ragged all year long, summers are sacred, lazy days.  But this year I knew the summer would be crazy instead of relaxing anyway and so let the kids choose for themselves.  Two opted to swim and it was Isabella and Issac.

Isabella swam during the daily training, but was only able to attend 2 maybe 3 meets or invitationals because she was gone so much this summer with Girls' Camp, Youth Conference, family vacations, etc...It was a good experience and she liked it, but doesn't think she will return next year. 

Issac took to it like the fish he is.  Able to attend most all of the practices and meets, he was able to really improve and became quite good.  His best friend also swims and so all the long hours of meets were one big party with food and friends for him. 

I learned that invitationals are like nothing I have ever seen in any other sport.  Swim meets are long, invitationals longer and so many bring their tents, set up camp and turn huge fields into villages.  Think one whole Saturday into the evening.  Staging the races with the kids is like trying to herd kittens, but really cool to see the system and organizations.

Both the kids did freestyle, back and then relays.  Issac hopes to get better at the more technical strokes of breast and butterfly to become good enough to swim some of those next year.  Overall it was fun to participate in and watch, but our summer was definitely more busy as a result.  But that didn't deter Kody who has determined that next summer he will join the team too.

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