Thursday, July 14, 2016

Make America Great

Politics aside despite my post title, I love America.  I'm a patriot and a succor for fireworks.  This year the 4th of July boasted the worst weather in the past 7 years.  It poured rain and so I was glad that we had celebrated the day before at Longs Park like usual.  They always do an amazing show (concert, fireworks, etc..)  So after church at around 3:30 pm I went to reserve seats for our ever increasing group of friends, since two groups invited us we merged together.

Well when I got there, there was another acquaintance saving seats for her church friends too in the Lancaster ward.  We created a row of members of our church.  Shortly thereafter we noticed some members from York.  They were seated behind us until we became two great big lines of spectators.  There were a total of just shy of 200 of us in the alley and assorted members in other areas of the park.

Then on the day of, we had the Elders and went to the Henrichsen's pool to swim and eat until their neighbors did fireworks.  Swimming in the rain was fun for Travis and the kids, but I played inside.  The show was shortened but it was good to be with friends to celebrate!

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