Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mom, Will You Help Me

That was the plaintive plea, I heard one day near the end of the school year.  It was from a very sad little boy who had decided that our dog needed a dog house and so he was going to build her one.  As he tried to rally the other kids to help him, they laughed at him and told him he couldn't do it.  Sound like any other sibling groups.  Hmmm, but that story for another day.
I asked him how he intended to make one and told him we would need to buy supplies, but he let me know that Dad had already given him the go ahead on a stack of miscellaneous lumber and other similar material in the garage.
And so we got to it.  He had a game plan and a strategy to make the small pieces into bigger ones.  Soon the neighbor joined in the fun.  Eventually siblings came in and out wanting to help with some small part.  And last, Dad came home impressed and excited. 
So my job as mom was done.  Give the boy encouragement, love, support, and a dose of envy from all the other experts and in no time, I was able to leave him in capable hands and get back to the endless work of mothers everywhere.  And so after several days he completed this masterpiece and placed it in between two of our pine trees to give the dog optimal shade.
Love this boy's imagination, dedication and general sweetness!

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