Friday, May 6, 2016

Sports, Sports, Sports

May is a weird kind of event.  Isabella is currently juggling three sports this month: track, swimming and marching band.  Despite those sports actually being three different seasons, in the month of May the converge.  Track is getting close to winding down, depending on how far their team goes.  Pre-season swim practice has started and try it on for size freshman practice for marching band has commenced.  That's just one child's activities and that's just their sports. 

Meanwhile Kody is killing it in baseball.  He has shocked Travis who underestimated how truly great he is.  He's a batting pro and this last game killed it with another double bringing two runners in.  He's not so shabby fielding the ball and spends a lot of time alternating between 2nd base and short stop. 

Issac will also be starting the preseason swim practice and I am just trying to keep it all straight and make it to the end of the year alive.  Wish me luck!

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