Friday, May 27, 2016

Run Forest Run

We are a family of runners.  It's official.  I love it.  It makes me happy.  It's the one habit I've picked up in my adult life that has served me well.  In my observations, the people who learned to run and love it youngest in life (i.e. high school) are the most successful in a ton of areas not just running.

So, it makes my heart happy that Isa picked it up easily and loves Cross Country and Track.  Wyatt although not a eager runner is still decent in a sprint.  Issac loves the distances runs, and Kody is known on his baseball team for being the fastest base runner, especially considering he is the shortest.  Each time he rounds the bases, we'd hear murmurs in the crowd of look how fast that kid is.

Nothing showcases running more than the end of year jazz like Race for Education - our school's one fundraiser - and Track and Field Day at the middle school.  Issac tied for the most laps run on RACE day along with another boy and one little girl in the whole elementary school running 3.5 miles in about 30ish minutes.  They ran for 40 total, but had a Rita's Italian ice break. 

Likewise on track and field day, the students can pick their events.  Wyatt, the not eager runner, will pick the shortest events the 50M, 75M, 100M races.  Well his teacher helped relocate him to pick up the 200M as well - the first year we did these.  And then each class has an A relay team and a B relay team.  The first four fastest run as the A team, the next four as the B team.  Well Wyatt's class had a no show and so lucky for him (insert his eye roll here) his teacher asked him to run on both relay teams.  He did great.  Plus with the start of his soccer career this fall, I'm hoping he becomes ever more of a runner.  Fingers crossed.

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