Monday, November 30, 2015

Bleck, Bleck, Bleck

I started the day really early, even though the kids had off school.  I knew it would be just that busy.  So I headed out for a quick morning run.  20 minutes, couldn't even spare 30 - but I got 2.5 miles in.  I arrived back home just in time for our monthly foster visit/home inspect.  Afterwards, I did the quickest shower and wardrobe change before heading to the dentist with a kid in tow.  Stopped on the way home for party supplies and milk and cereal - no groceries were in the house, since we had been gone ten days - I needed something to tie us over.

Last minute detour trip to library to return some overdue books and pick up a prize one of my kids had won.  Get home to some boys being delivered.  (10) 9&10 year old boys descended on our house for a birthday party.  Pizza and junk food filled lunch and then to the movies in two cars.  After the movie a dead battery that couldn't be jumped force 12 of us into my 8-seater Honda Pilot.  Glad we're all friends here.

After dropping off each of the boys at their homes, we did world's fastest turn around to pick up two kids for their first of many Christmas Orchestra Ensemble Performances around town.  Got them set up, while Travis went to auto parts store.  He returned for us to head back to theater to change out the battery.  Four minute battery swap, he is a super stud, and a return trip to pick up kids who are finishing up.  All home to cram in bed times, belated all be it, a late dinner of a tuna fish sandwich to keep me from starving to death as two pieces of pizza was all I had eaten all day.

Finally a rewarding donut run to end the evening.  Yes I eat my stress away.  But you see I run for sanity in the morning and eat for relief in the evening.  It's why I can start tomorrow as energetic and chipper as I did today and most days - running and donuts.  This week/month is gonna be crazy.  If only I could find a way to make my donut costs this month tax deductible!

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Adams said...

Just think of your donuts as your personalized Prozac! ;) It's all good!