Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Foregoing Fantasy For Reality

In my minds eye, I blog regularly and meaningfully.  I document our life and with such frequency that it is largely chronologically.  Well yesterday I got fed up with not blogging because I hadn't caught up or done it in some predetermined way of perfection.  I got fed up with posts that seem to be tracking our activities and nothing to do with us that weren't meaningful to me.

I'm sure you're wondering what happened that prompted this "Come to Jesus" moment.  Well it was pretty much the worst day ever. It started with the dog escaping his leash on the way to the bus stop.  As all my neighbors tried to help catch her, she thought it would be fun to turn it into a game and so darted through morning school traffic almost getting hit by a bus, a grocery delivery truck and two cars.  It took 20 minutes and I was sweating profusely.

My phone didn't charge, I had to drive the kids to school and I was helping with elementary school picture day.  That should have been a 3 hour project, but due to one of the two cameras not working at least half of the time, it took almost 5 hours.  Every teacher was frustrated and a sub got a little snippy with me. 

My husband's, who was out of town, second leg of his flight home got cancelled due to mechanical problems.  Leaving him stuck in Philly, super close, but he had parked in BWI (Baltimore).  So even if he could have rented a car and driven home, he was forced to wait for a flight so we wouldn't have to turn around and drive to Baltimore to pick up his car from long term parking.  Because of this, where I should have had two drivers for evening activities, I was the lone one. 

I had to cancel a theater date with my daughter that she had been looking forward to.  She had a cross country meet where it was pouring rain.  I'm supposed to be the photographer for the team and my camera battery died without a low battery warning.  And despite the pouring rain I was getting bit endlessly by bugs.

There were a million other useless mini things that went wrong, but the day becamse comical as clearly nothing was going to go as planned.  In the end as I was running an errand, I got a text from an aquantice long lost.  She sent a text saying generally...thanks for the friendship, I miss church and I hope I didn't lose you as a friend from being a less than stellar friend.  I responded that all was fine.  She stated that she wanted to have a life redo and be as good as me.  I chuckled as I thought, I don't know if I even want to be me right now.  But words came to my mind.  just do the best you can each day and I relayed that to her.  She asked for inspirational quotes ad help organizing her life, to which I replied, "Start with the spiritual the rest is eternally insignificant and just a temporary pain in the butt."

And as I thought about my own words, the spirit confirmed the truth of those words.  And my perspective changed immediately.  And at that exact moment I changed the radio and who should come on but George Michael's Faith Chorus.  I just started to laugh.  I don't know that the verse applies, but the chorus sure does.  I knew I needed to record this moment.  Not because it will change someone else's life, but because it changed mine.  Maybe by just a degree but enough that hopefully in ten years I'll be able to see a big difference and hopefully in several generations time, I can watch from heaven amazed that this is my posterity. 

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